Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is the white pigment most widely used in the world with a global production of approx. 3,6 Mio tons per year. Some 35 % are produced in western Europe. The market for Titanium dioxide in Germany is the most important within western Europe and counts for approx. 500 Mio €.

Users can be found in merely all fields of applications and all sizes of companies.

Titanium dioxide pigments are not toxic and possess due their high refractive index high hiding power and are in addition light and weather resistant.
Titanium dioxide pigments are used in a large variety of applications. In coatings, like lacquers and architectural paints - pure white or toned down with coloured pigments - they decorate and protect. In plastics they contribute to the attractive appearance by giving them body.

Paper loses its transparency and gains whiteness. Artificial filers lose their undesired gloss and transparency. In ceramic applications titanium dioxide pigments are used as opacifers.

All companies producing titanium dioxide pigments within Germany are members of VdMi; addresses can be found under members (full description).
The VdMi proposal for a harmonized classification of Titanium dioxide (Status: 12 July 2016) can be found here.
Technical, ecological and legislative references can be found in the brochures "Safe handling of pigments", "Ceramic decorating materials" and "Colourants for food contact plastics" .