Applied Photocatalysis

The German Federation for applied Photocatalysis (FAP) represents the manufacturers of photocatalysts as well as users from the construction and coatings industry (member list). The scientific committee of FAP allows for close interactions with the scientific community.

FAP is a platform for information exchange, policy making and the discussion of technical and environmental issues. In order to optimize the knowledge of customers and public policy makers, position papers and information sheets on technical, regulatory and economic aspects are provided.

Figure: Applications of Photocatalysis

Titanium dioxide is a chemically inert, highly temperature stable and nontoxic substance. It is employed in many products of our everyday’s life, such as food, cosmetics, sun screens, tooth paste and coatings (UV-protection).

Because TiO2 is compatible with all major binders, it has been used in the coatings industry since the 1920s as a white pigment (“titanium white”). Until 1938 only its anatase-modification was employed. Later on the rutile form was applied, too. Unfortunately, both modifications but especially anatase showed chalking upon light exposure. Chalking is based on the oxidative decomposition of the binder. These (then) unwanted photocatalytic properties of the semiconductor titanium dioxide are now utilized in photoactive construction materials and coatings to decompose pollutants, reduce soiling or create super-hydrophilic surfaces.The photocatalyst particles (mostly anatase-TiO2) are activated by light. With the help of moisture and oxygen (air) pollutants like nitrogen oxides, off odors or bio films (algae, fungi, bacteria) are decomposed into harmless substances. In addition, the properties of the TiO2 coated surface change upon irradiation with UV-light. The contact angle decreases, which leads to a flatly spread water film. This phenomenon can be very useful regarding anti-fog or “self cleaning” applications.

The members of FAP provide a wide range of photocatalytic products and services: "Product portfolio of FAP".

Here you can find further information on photocatalysts and their applications in photoactive construction materials and photoactive coatings.