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The Masterbatch Verband and its members represent a large part of the German market and represent the strongly medium-sized interests in the political sphere.

The members produce a wide range of colour and additive masterbatches "Product Range of Masterbatch Verband".

Members of Masterbatch Verband account for the lion's share of the German market (Membership list), with a special focus on the political interests of mid-sized business.

Masterbatch Verband provides for member companies a forum for the exchange of information, for opinion-forming processes and for discussions about safety-relevant issues in the value chain. Position papers and leaflets are developed on product technical, regulatory and ecological aspects - in order to optimize the information flow to customers (information materials and brochures).

Founded in 1998, the Masterbatch Association represents the interests of German manufacturers of colour and additive masterbatches and has 21 members. In 2018, the Masterbatch Association celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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Dr. Martin Fabian

Chairman of the Masterbatch Verband