Automotive Parts

Is electro mobility on the threshold of a breakthrough? Masterbatches play an important role in the production of lightweight automotive parts.

Electric cars for greater range
Plastics have long been an essential part of automotive engineering. Initially they only replaced the glass in the headlights and the wood and metal in the instrument panel, but today even important safety components such as the brake calliper can be manufactured from full plastic. And not just anywhere, but in the Porsche Panamera NF and the Bentley Continental GT.

Plastics, therefore, play an important role in the development of passenger cars with alternative drives because they make them lighter. Weight is the decisive criterion for the range of electric cars and, therefore, also for their acceptance.

Masterbatches not only contribute to a vehicle in terms of colour effects and better haptics. They also provide heat resistance for parts under the hood, for the weather and light resistance of various external components and for surfaces in the interior that do not emit unpleasant odours due to VOC emission*.

*VOC = volatile organic compounds