Ceramic colours

Ceramic products are manufactured by a high temperature process, which starts with the preparation of the ceramic mass and the ceramic body, followed by high temperature firing and subsequent high temperature decoration. This manufacturing principle is valid for floor and wall tiles, roof tiles, sanitary ware, tableware, artistic ceramics and high-tech ceramics. Our industry supplies ceramic stains (inorganic high temperature pigments), frits (glasses), glazes, decorating colours, precious metal preparations and organic additives.

The glass industry uses ceramic colours for decoration and functional purposes. Examples are decorated drinking glasses, glass bottles, architectural glass and window panes for automotives.
Enamels are thermally applied on steel or aluminium metal sheet, cast iron or cast steel (chemical reactors, bath tubes). This kind of coating protects the metal against corrosion and is part of its decoration (fashion).

In the brochure "Ceramic decorating materials" you can find further information for its safe use.

Important ceramic producing countries are Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia and China.
The products supplied by our members are very extensive. We urge you to contact them directly. The address of manufactures of ceramic colours are provided in our membership list (full description).

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