Product Overview


Photocatalysis and Photocatalysts

The acceleration  (increase in the reaction rate) of a photo reaction due to a photocatalyst, which is itself not consumed during the reaction, is called photocatalysis. The photcatalyst utilizes the energy of light (UV-VIS). Typically photocatalytic materials are based on titanium dioxide.  Titanium dioxide-coated iron oxides represent a novel group of inorganic pigments bearing photocatalytic activity.

Photoactive Construction Materials

Upon extensive research in the area of photocatalysis, construction materials and construction products could be equipped with novel functionalities. Photoactive construction materials such as paving stones, saddle stones or roofing tiles reduce the concentration of harmful NO(nitrogen dioxide) fast and efficiently.

Photoactive Coatings

By utilizing the principle of photocatalysis, coatings can be equipped with additional functionalities, which are beneficial for the environment and mankind. The combination of intelligent technologies and existing product applications creates an excess value for users.