Photoactive Coatings

By utilizing the principle of photocatalysis, coatings can be equipped with additional functionalities, which are beneficial for the environment and mankind. The combination of intelligent technologies and existing product applications creates an excess value for users.

1. Paints, special coatings, plaster and transparent surface coatings of construction materials for exterior applications on buildings and constructions

Exterior house paint and plaster can nowadays be equipped with photocatalysts (mostly special titanium dioxide pigments). The advantages are as follows:

  • The active reduction of pollutants e.g. nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds (VOC) or ozone from the ambient air (air cleaning).
  • A higher soiling resistance due to decomposition of organic dirt particles and surface hydrophilicity (“self cleaning”). This furthermore leads to a reduced growth of algae and fungi.

2. Interior paint and interior plaster for the application in residential-, commercial- and administration buildings as well as the public health sector

Photocatalytic processes can also be applied for interior coatings (interior paint and plaster):

  • Reduction of pollutants in the room air improves the indoor climate. Thus, typical indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde or acetic aldehyde can be decomposed into harmless compounds.
  • Off Odors like cigarette fumes or grease can be reduced by photocatalytic surfaces.
  • Photoactive interior paint / plaster have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and can help to prevent a mould infestation.

3. Transparent surface coatings for glass, plastics and metal

The many photocatalytic applications in the field of glass refinement reach from coated window glass and lamps to special purpose glass. The photocatalytic coating of plastics and metals allows for applications in various fields such as medical engineering, home automation, textile fibers and technical woven fabrics, automotive and food technology. The main assets of these coatings are:

  • Soiling resistance and anti-fogging function for glasses, lamps, armature, solar modules and smooth plastic surfaces.
  • Antimicrobial applications in medical engineering, household aids, textiles, and other areas with strict hygiene requirements.
  • Air cleaning applications and odor neutralization in filter systems, air conditioning units and the gastronomy.
  • And combinations thereof.
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