Artists‘ colours

The term "artists' colours" comprises the whole range of colours available for artistic/creative school or leisure-time activities and professional painting. Therefore this wide field includes the classic colours used by professional and amateur artists (oil and water colours, acrylic paints, pastels, gouache and tempera, etc.) as well as products for many hobbies and crafts (such as highly fluid acrylic paints and coatings, glass paint colours, porcelain paints, ceramic colours, silk paints, fabric paints) and products for children and schools (opaque water colours in pucks, poster colours, finger paints, etc.)

In Germany the output of these products, i.e. individual products and combinations thereof, totalled some 2,551 tons in 2016. Major customers for artists' colours are specialised retailers and wholesalers of paper products and stationery, products for hobbies, crafts and professional artists as well as the coatings and paint trade.
These dealers distribute ready-for-use products to final consumers.

As an industry we provide our customers with solutions for a creative life from early childhood to a ripe old age. Our products give satisfaction to consumers, firstly while they perform creative activities and secondly through the sense of achievement that they feel when they publish, sell, give away or look at what they have created.

The addresses of manufacturers of artists' colours organised in our association are provided in our membership list.

On European level the VdMi members have the possibility to become member of CEPE, the European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colours Industry.

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