About Us

Industry sectors represented by VdMi

Historically Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e. V. hosts a variety of industry sectors. These are the producers of inorganic and organic pigments, metallic and effect pigments, of products for the ceramic industry, of synthetic silicas used as reinforcing fillers, of carbon black and of food colourants and down stream users of colourants. These are the producers of masterbatches, who joined together in "Masterbatch Verband" and the producers of artists colours. The German Federation for applied Photocatalysis (FAP) represents the manufacturers of photocatalysts as well as users from the construction and coatings industry.

The companies in the VdMi see themselves as part of the German chemical industry. The VdMi thus represents a sub-sector that employs slightly above 13,500 people in about 70 companies and has an annual turnover in Germany of around 4 billion euros. More than half of the companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our history

"Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e. V." has been founded in 1877 as a sector group of the then founded interest group of the German chemical industry, now called "Verband der chemischen Industrie e. V." At that time our association represented mainly colours made from mineral sources. Today the range is much wider, from inorganic and organic pigments to masterbatches and artists colours.

"Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e. V." exists in its present legal form since 1. Jan 1951. The abbreviation is VdMi. The association is domiciled in Frankfurt/Main.

"Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e. V." is a non-profit making organisation seeking to study, promote and represent the common interest of its industry.

Tasks and Objectives

Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e. V. (VdMi) represents the idealistic and economic interests of the sectors organized within this association. The VdMi advises and supports its member companies in all sector-specific matters, within the framework set by the VdMi statutes.

These tasks and objectives include in particular:

  • Representation of interests at national and European levels
  • Communication and cooperation with public authorities and other associations in Germany and in Europe
  • Elaboration of explanatory notes, brochures, information materials and position papers with a view to strengthening the market presence of the sectors
  • Information for member companies on new rules and regulations and information for implementing existing legislation
  • Exchange of information and cooperation with customer industries
  • Active participation in standardization committees

The association work is carried out and put into practice by approx. 25 internal expert committees, groups and working parties. They consist of experts from the member companies and from the team at the VdMi office in Frankfurt am Main.

As a representative of the interests of its member companies, the VdMi regularly communicates with authorities and ministries at national level as well as at European level. Therefore, the VdMi is registered in the relevant EU and German transparency and lobbying registers.

Furthermore, the VdMi has an active role in national and European committees of numerous organizations. The VdMi is a sector association of the German chemical industry federation Verband der Chemischen Industrie e. V. (VCI) and a member of several federations in related sectors (e. g. Eurocolour e. V., the European umbrella organization of manufacturers of pigments, fillers and colourants).

Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e. V. fully supports the initiative Responsible Care® of Cefic/VCI. For the companies Responsible Care® is a commitment to continuous improvement of performances in health, safety and environmental protection. In fulfilling such a commitment companies are helped by the specific programme, guidelines and codes of conduct, developed by the national associations of the chemical industry. In any case they would have in place suitable management systems fixing, among others, the responsibilities for environmental and safety issues as well as the corresponding audit producers.