Special Plastic Formulations

Special plastic formulations can be used in medicine. Screws that decompose in the body spare patients from having to undergo surgery a second time.

Harmless in compost and the body
Biodegradable plastics supplemented with suitable colour pigments and additives also represent sustainability. For composting, for example: all additives must be safe at least in terms of their ecotoxicity. They must not inhibit degredation by compost microbes. The first eco-friendly masterbatches are already on the market, however, the additive and masterbatch industries still have many developments to achieve.

One special application is biodegradable plastics for medical technology: for example, for sutures and screws which decompose in the body and, therefore, do not have to be removed. Special plastic formulations facilitate many further medical advances, for example, skin substitutes for open wounds and particularly long-lasting polymer dentures. “Medical grade plastics” must meet strict regulatory requirements – patient safety is paramount. Not only the materials, but also the production processes must always be “more perfect” in the future and, above all, well documented, which entails a high level of data collection and processing.