Colloquium 2016

"Photocatalytic Trends in Practice"

11 October 2016, Hanau-Wolfgang

Photocatalytically active surfaces are used in Germany in particular for air purification, such as for the reduction of nitrogen oxide, and for the improvement of surfaces to keep them cleaner for longer. But photocatalysis can do even more: it can break down pollutants in water, produce next generation fuels or generate energy.

These applications are being intensively researched and developed in the laboratory. Where do we stand at the moment and what is feasible? What needs to be considered from the regulatory side? What about toxicology?

The 4th Photocatalysis Colloquium of the German Federation for applied Photocatalysis (FAP) deals with these questions.

The event targets at interested parties from research, industry and authorities who want to inform and exchange information on current developments in the field of photocatalysis.

Further information:

Flyer of the event (German only)

FAP press release (German only)