Colloquium 2018

"Clean cities by means of photocatalysis – progress for better air"

27 September 2018, Frankfurt/Main

The high nitrogen oxide pollution still poses a great challenge to cities and municipalities. Most cities have succeeded in reducing nitrogen oxide levels in recent years – but in many cases it is still not enough. Photocatalytic applications form one component of a holistic strategy for reducing nitrogen oxides.

The 5th Photocatalysis Colloquium presents various projects that have dealt with the use of photocatalytically active building materials. The role of active surfaces in the reduction of NOx in cities will be examined as well as additional measures which are included in an innovative urban quarter development.

The event offers planners, decision makers and experts from administration, politics, science and economy a forum to inform and exchange information about photocatalytic applications.

Further information:

Flyer of the event (German only)

Report on the event (German only)