Iron and chromium oxide

The most widely used coloured pigments worldwide are iron oxide pigments. They are offered in the colours red, yellow and black with remarkable high light resistance and chemical stability. Iron oxides are the oldest known pigments and were used as natural pigments already in the stone ages. Synthetic iron oxides show in relation to natural products higher colour strength, high reproducibility of the colour shade and higher chemical purity and therefore dominate the market.

Chromium oxide green pigments are based on trivalent Chromium and are physically and chemically extremely resistant. The natural occurrence is in basalt rocks.

Both iron oxide pigments and chromium green pigments produced by VdMi members are ecologically and physiologically safe.
The field of application of iron- and chromium oxide pigments is very wide. Materials for civil construction are coloured to achieve soil like appearance. Paints, plastics and paper are coloured for decorative and functional purposes.

Special iron oxides are used in technical applications such as magnetic tapes. High purity iron oxide pigments are used for food colouration, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. In addition chromium oxides are used due their high hardness as a grinding and polishing material and in break linings.
Producers of iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments can be found under members (full description).

Additional technical, ecological and legislative aspects of iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments can be found in the brochures "Safe handling of pigments", "Ceramic decorating materials" and "Colourants for food contact plastics".


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