Zinc based pigments

Major products are Zinc oxide, Zinc sulfide, lithopone and Zinc phosphate.

Large amounts of Zinc oxide is used in the rubber industry. Other fields of application are ceramic glazes, optical glasses, paints, plastics and paper.

Zinc oxide serves as a corrosion inhibitor and is added to lubricants, adhesives and batteries. Zinc oxide is a precursor for Zinc phosphate pigments; today the most widely used corrosion inhibiting pigment.

High purity grades are used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Zinc is an essential element in nutrition and there for it is added to animal feed and fertilizers.
Lithopone is a white pigment, which consists of Zinc sulfide and Barium sulfate. Major applications are coatings. Increasing importance is observed in plastic applications, due to its easy dispensability, high whiteness and machinability in extrusion.

Pure Zinc sulfide is used for the colouration of glass fibres reinforced plastics without alteration of the mechanic properties of the glass fibres.

Companies producing zinc based pigments can be found under members.

Technical, ecological and legislative information can be found in the brochures "Safe handling of pigments" and "Ceramic decorating materials".


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